Bassi Group (Nottingham) Ltd.

An international conglomerate based in (Nottingham), our multi industry group has subsidiaries mainly in Property & Fashion.

Bassi Properties Ltd.

A large national commercial and residential property portfolio consisting of; Offices, Retail, Warehoues, Flats & Houses.

Bassi Fashions Ltd.

Trading as The Duke Clothing Co. One of the largest clothing suppliers and manufacturers in the UK. Under our brands, and also as a supplier of customers own label to the world’s biggest brands and retailers.

And Many More

Bassi Group (Nottingham) Ltd.Is always looking at even more ways of diversifying in this ever changing climate.

Bassi Group (Nottingham) Ltd.

The chances are, you wear an item of clothing we made, shop in store we own or work in an office we have acquired

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About Us

Since 1985 the Bassi Family have been pioneers of industry. From humble beginnings Avinash, Nina, Subhash & Manju Bassi have grown the business from a single market stall into the Bassi Group we know today. With subsidiaries mainly in Property and Fashion, the family owned and run Company has grown exponentially, building an impressive business portfolio along the way.

Bassi Group (Nottingham) Ltd. Is the ultimate holding company of:

Bassi Properties Ltd

& Bassi Fashions Ltd. T/A The Duke Clothing Co.


Our Benefits

  • Exponential growth since its conception in 1985
  • Over 30 years of experience in a variety of industries
  • Strong family values and ethics in everything we do
  • The aptitude to diversify the business at crucial times
  • Friendly and competent staff, we now employee over 100 people across the world


Avinash Bassi

“We’re here to build a positive team and instill family spirit.”

Avinash Bassi Managing Director / Chairman

Subhash Bassi

“We’re here to embrace and drive change.”

Subhash Bassi Chief Executive Officer

Rohan Bassi

“We’re here to be enterprising, creative and adventurous.”

Rohan Bassi Creative Director

Bassi Group (Nottingham) Ltd. Pioneers of industry since 1985.

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